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At Gas Technical Services we appreciate that Safety is uppermost in everyones mind, but we also recognise that to maintain compliance with Regulations like the Pressure Systems Safety Regulation ( PSSR ) 2000 can be both complicated and time consuming. As a result of this we are now able to offer a service to help you achieve the compliance that you need in your working environment.

As you may be aware, The BCGA Codes of Practice apply to all systems that are pressurised higher than 0.5 bar and require that you, the "Owner of the system", can demonstrate that:
• The system is working within safe operating limits
• A Written Scheme of Examination ( WSE ) is in place
• It is regularly maintained and inspected as per the WSE and documented accordingly
• All time expired equipment is replaced in a timely manner
• It is important to remember that compliance with the BCGA Codes of Practice and the PSSR 2000 is a legal requirement, and could lead to issues should it not be adhered to.

The services we offer cover everything from single regulator systems to systems with multiple outlet points, and even if your system is in need of some updating we can help you to achieve this with the minimum amount of disruption to your working day

Gas Technical Services can offer you:

A "One off" system inspection
This will allow us to understand your system, such as age of the components in the system - we can also advise on any technical and safety issues and indicate an appropriate course of action if required

Written Scheme of Examination
We can draw up the WSE documentation for you, this will specify the systems components to be examined and their maintenance intervals for safe and compliant operation

Examination and testing in line with the WSE
We will test,inspect and renew if necessary any components that fall outside of the manufacturers recommendations and ensure that your system is a safe system. We will also provide you with the relevant documentation ensuring your system is a compliant system. This documentation will maintain your compliance with PSSR 2000 and will also allow you to indicate your compliance in line with Health and safety at work and with your insurance provider We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this and other opportunities further with yourselves at a time and place of your convenience. Should you have any initial queries or require any further information please call us on 01159 442121 or contact us using the enquiry form on the Contact Us Page and we will be glad to help.

All certificates can be produced as a hard copy or electronically to suit your requirements

Data base
Once your system has been inspected we will generate an individual database for your systems and the details of the components within it. This database then pro actively lets us know when the relevant components are reaching the end of their useable life and when your next inspection is due, so that you don't have to worry.

CAD Schematic Drawings
Gas Technical Services Ltd can offer Schematic drawings for your systems on request.

Gas Detection Services
G.T.S can supply and maintain fixed and portable gas detection systems for the detection of flammable, toxic and asphyxiate gas.

Ventilation Systems
G.T.S offer practical and cost effective products and solutions for creating clean and safe working enviroments in the workplace.

Metal Fabrication Service
G.T.S offer a complete metal fabrication service, manufacturing equipment associated with the industrial gas sector.

Calibration Service
G.T.S have an extensive range of fully traceable calibration equipment and all testing is carried out in a temperature controlled environment.

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