About us...

Providing total solutions for the industrial or laboratory gas user and catering for all types of gas installation from a simple Argon system to an ultra high purity system for the electronics industry.

Our extensive workshops and test facility allows for manufacture and overhaul of all types of gas control equipment and light fabrication works.

With over 20 years experience GTS is well positioned to provide technical solutions for all your gas requirements.

What we do...

Gas Autochange Units

Permits continuous supply of process gas with automatic changeover on low cylinder pressure.

Gas Regulators

We provide a wide range of speciality gas regulators, each compatible with various cylinders for different applications.

Gas Detector Systems

Monitor the abnormal presence or depletion of a range of gases (including for Oxygen depletion / enrichment, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide).

Supply of products

Our emphasis has always been to ensure that we have sufficient spares, product and service capability to ensure any speciality gas product / service was maintained in service and accurately calibrated, ensuring worker safety was never compromised. The purchasers of Gas Technical Services products trust themselves, personnel and their business to our equipment, depend on us for training, and count on us for excellence in service and customer support.


The physical product is only one part of the equation when it comes to gas detection. Considering the consumable nature of it, great focus must be placed on what can be done to keep the product functioning. Furthermore, creation of the overall solution is critical. The development of G.T.S's services is instrumental in providing a well rounded support system for products, but also for the customer in terms of training and support.

Gas Detection Services
G.T.S can supply and maintain fixed and portable gas detection systems for the detection of flammable, toxic and asphyxiate gas.

Ventilation Systems
G.T.S offer practical and cost effective products and solutions for creating clean and safe working enviroments in the workplace.

Metal Fabrication Service
G.T.S offer a complete metal fabrication service, manufacturing equipment associated with the industrial gas sector.

Calibration Service
G.T.S have an extensive range of fully traceable calibration equipment and all testing is carried out in a temperature controlled environment.

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